Cabin crew concerned about new fatigue rule proposal



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The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued its proposals on Flight Time Limits (FTL) and rest periods for cabin crew and pilots. It contains a revised set of rules on fatigue prevention, which does not reflect all the comments received after extensive discussions in the working group set up by EASA. After a profound analysis of EASA’s proposals on FTL, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) is concerned about passengers’ safety since EASA took only partial account of our demands and is clearly ignoring vital scientific evidence on fatigue.

Cabin Crew and pilots play a huge role in ensuring the safety of all flights. ETF, representing 100.000 air crews across Europe, still has concerns for the safety of passengers. Francois Ballestero, ETF Political Secretary for Civil Aviation commented: “More has to be done to protect and improve safety. EASA has access to scientific data on which the new proposed rules should be based. These proposed regulations need to be further enhanced to ensure a safer flight”.

The ETF will continue its involvement to address its main concerns and demands which are crucial in reducing fatigue and enhancing safety, notably:

  • The scientists unanimously recommended that a night duty should be 10% lower than proposed.
  • Good rest conditions for crews to prevent fatigue have to be ensured at all times.
  • The proposed stand-by rules will force air crew to be on duty for more than 20 hours without appropriate rest.
  • The concern that doing overtime becomes a normal practice which will put safety at risk.

Elisabetta Chicca, Chair of the ETF Cabin Crew Committee, added “Still a lot of work has to be done to achieve full recognition of the critical nature of crew fatigue. ETF is committed to contribute with its expertise and influence to improve this proposal”.

For further information, please contact ETF Political Secretary for Civil Aviation François Ballestero (Tel: +32 474 916979;