Following the publication by EASA of the new proposal for EU-wide pilot fatigue rules, the media in many European countries has covered stories about the fact that these rules are not sufficient to prevent pilot fatigue. These reports are available in the Press Corner of the website under Media Coverage.

Media coverage

Media Coverage on new EU proposal (Jan 2012)


The new proposal for EU-wide pilot fatigue rules, issued today, stops half way to protect air passengers against the safety risks associated with fatigued pilots. Despite a number of improvements compared to the previous proposal (Dec. 2010), the new text does not follow scientific evidence on a number of important issues, in particular where the airlines’ commercial interest would be hurt. Money considerations outweigh safety considerations – yet again!


On 21 Dec. 2011, the USA’s Federal Aviation Authority released its long-awaited new pilot fatigue regulation. This publication comes almost 3 years after 50 people died in a plane crash (Colgan Air) in which pilot fatigue played a major role. The new US legislation replaces the current antiquated fatigue rules and will take effect in two years time. – This publication is a major step in fighting the safety risks related to pilot fatigue, and comes just a few weeks before the EU is tabling its revised proposal on pilot fatigue rules (13 Jan. 2012).